At we are proud to stand by a strong set of values and beliefs in everything we do, and to offer a choice to those who share them:

Anti-Ageism's mission is to cut through and end ageism in the Fashion Industry. We believe that a love for style doesn't fade with age, and that no woman is invisible.

Every woman deserves to have the choice to shop where she feel strong and celebrated, and to easily find the pieces she is looking for. And is proud to be the first online boutique offering choice and being truly dedicate to the stylish, discerning woman over 40. 

Anti-Size Discrimination 

As well as being against ageism in fashion, we are also against size discrimination. However we do appreciate that we do not currently offer all sizes possible. 

We currently sell UK size 6 - UK size 16 (US 2 - 12, EU 34 - 44) in the majority of our pieces, and go up to size UK 22 (US 18, EU 50) in selected styles.

In some cases with our brands, we have successfully encouraged them to offer larger sizes. But unfortunately larger sizes often requires different patterns, rather than simply scaling up designs, to ensure the pieces are still flattering. So it is difficult for smaller independent designers to offer a large range of sizes. 

There are labels that offer larger sizes, but we do not want to compromise our ethical and quality standards. And therefore we are limited with choice. This is a wide international issue within the Fashion Industry that needs to be resolved. 

We are constantly on the look out to find more and more designers that go up to larger sizes or are specifically for them. And we do hope to be introducing more sizes soon. 

But, in the meantime, we share your disappointment in the limit of sizes available, and are continuing to work hard to find designers who embrace size as much as all ages. We do hope you will continue with us on this journey.

Premium Quality & Sustainability 

We are proud to focus on quality, integrity, supporting independent designers, and fair manufacturing processes. We do not support fast disposable fashion due to the environmental and labour costs. 

Our independent designers operate on a smaller scale, rather than mass produce, and truly believe in quality and supporting craftsmanship and artisan techniques. Many of our pieces are Made In Britain and hand-made, and they always feature exceptional yarns. Plus our designers include graduates from the likes of the prestigious Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion. 

As a result, our pieces are made to love and last for years, and aren't as easily found elsewhere. And we always ensure we offer pieces with a lot of versatility for maximum wearing opportunities.

A high level of skill goes into every piece we sell. The expertise and attention to detail that goes into designing each piece ensures they have more flattering cuts, are more unique, and are all the more special. 

We also believe our 'premium/contemporary' position within the established Fashion Industry hierarchy places us in an even stronger position to fight ageism. 


Given its position in the middle, premium/contemporary is one of the most powerful areas in Fashion at the moment. So, as well as it allowing us to maintain our values, it ensures we are most likely to be noticed by and have an impact on both higher and lower market levels.

High Standard Curation Process 

But even though we support premium contemporary labels, that doesn’t mean we are open to them all. Our curation process sets high thresholds in order for us to find the right pieces for you. It is something we’re very proud of as we take great time, care and consideration over every single piece we feature in our collections. 

We asked fashion illustrator Scarlett Josse to illustrate our process so you can really understand it from start to finish. Because, after all, it’s much nicer looking at pretty pictures!