At we are committed to slow, sustainable fashion: from ethical production, to offsetting all your orders with Carbon Neutral shipping. 

Fast, disposable fashion has led to over consumption, waste and damaging effects on the environment. It has also resulted in infringement of basic human rights with slave and child labour common practise. As revered trend forecaster Li Edelkoor discussed in her 2016 'Anti-Fashion' manifesto:

“how can a product that needs to be sown, grown, harvested, combed, spun, knitted, cut and stitched, finished, printed, labelled packaged and transported” only cost a few pounds?

So if a dress costs £5, someone has inevitably suffered along the way. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. By investing in beautiful quality, ethically made pieces that are modern yet transcend trends, we can continue to experience the pleasure and joy that fashion and style brings, whilst simultaneously adopting a more sustainable approach that only have a positive impact on communities and limit harm. And this is the mantra we follow and support at 

Sustainable Practices

As a small, independent business, we are able to be thoroughly involved with our supply chains, and continue to asses and improve our practises with a view to supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our current initiatives include:

Our Cost Per Wear Calculator 

To break the fast fashion cycle, we advocate buying fewer items overall, and instead investing in quality garments that will last longer. But it can still be difficult to know when something will be worthwhile investment or not. So actively calculating a garment's cost per wear is a good measure of its sustainability value. 

Our Cost Per Wear Calculator (available on every product page) is a simple tool that encourages and helps you to carefully consider your purchase, ensuring you only buy garments that you can wear regularly. That way you can curate a tight knit wardrobe that you will get maximum use out of, and limit waste. Click here for our top tips on making your quality clothes last longer. 

Offsetting & Reducing Carbon Emissions 

All UK orders are sent via our partner courier DHL’s ‘Go Green’ Carbon Neutral service, at no extra cost, which offsets any emissions produced as a result of our deliveries. DHL calculates the CO2 emissions associated with the handling and transport of every individual shipment, and offsets the impact through investments in recognized climate protection products.

We actively recycle in the office, and our packaging is recyclable, supplied by fellow small businesses that have won awards and accolades for their commitments to sustainability.

As we are predominantly online, our team can work remotely. When travel is necessary, we use public transport, walk or cycle as much as possible. In fact, our founder Jacynth doesn’t drive at all!

At our pop-up boutiques we collect donations for Beauty Banks, a NFP organisation that distributes unused and spare toiletries and sanitary products to food shelters in the UK

Our pop-up boutique fittings have been hand-crafted in the UK by local artisans, or have been upcycled / are second hand

    Our Designers 

    Our independent designers are also dedicated to sustainable and ethical production and practices, so that they can continue to limit their impact on the environment whilst positively contributing to and transforming livelihoods around the world.

    Our designers' activities include being members of the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments, only sourcing cotton through the Better Cotton Initiative, being members of Amfori (the leading global business association for open and sustainable trade), and working with local artisans and families with decades of experience. 

    You can find out more about each designers' initiatives on each product page by clicking the 'Sustainability & Ethical Production' tab.