Bote A Mano is a story of love. Married couple Eduardo from Italy, and Niloufar from Iran, met whilst studying in Milan, and started their beautiful shoe brand with a mission to unite people, techniques and know-hows among Eastern and Western Countries.

From their ankle boots, to their loafers, every shoe is a window to the heart of different cultures, with every shoe handcrafted in Italy, whilst featuring unique historical hand woven fabrics from the East. And every time you wear a piece of Bote A Mano you become a part of a movement of encouraging wider dialogue, love & appreciation for different cultures  their people and their traditions.

Our Founder Says: "I'm in love with Bote a Mano - from their beautiful story to their breathtaking designs. And at a time when there seems like an increasing amount of division, prejudice and adversity in the world, it incredibly moving for a fashion brand to use a non-verbal way of standing up for unity and diversity."